Bryan Rill, PhD

Delivering Insights, Catalyzing Innovation

Design Researcher // Instructor

// Experience Designer

// Creative Catalyst

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I deliver insights and catalyze innovation, leveraging 20+ years of ethnographic and design research, teaching design practices, developing team capacities, and facilitation.  


Discovery Research

Great innovation begins with understanding people. I can inform your strategy and design parameters for products and services by understanding end-users, the context of use, and identifying unmet needs. 

UX/CX Research

Build brand loyalty and great customer experiences by exploring, mapping out, testing, and improving the user experience. I improve products with a human-centered design approach and iterative usability testing.


Learn how to implement co-creative strategies that tap into collective intelligence, transforming how your teams work and improving performance. I facilitate creative workshops, design sprints, and training to align cross-functional teams and accelerate innovation.

Experience Design

Design experiences and content that engage and satisfy users. I apply design psychology and prototyping skills to connect with human needs and desires, making your product or service stand out from the crowd.

Design is fundamentally about creating experiences for people. And to do that well we have to understand people and how they interact with products and services. If you need to answer any of these questions, I can help.
  • What problems, needs, and motivations do people have?
  • How do people evaluate and adopt products?
  • How do I design a compelling story?
  • How do I get more people to remember and love my brand?
  • How do I create a more engaging user experience?
  • Do people understand my product’s value proposition?
  • Can people figure out how to use my product?
  • Why do people stop using my product?
  • Why don’t people adopt new features when I launch them?


“The Anthropologist is rarely stationary. Rather, this is the person who ventures into the field to observe how people interact with products, services, and experiences in order to come up with new innovations. The Anthropologist is extremely good at reframing a problem in a new way, humanizing the scientific method to apply it to daily life.” 

Tom Kelly, IDEO, 2005

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